Apple is Working Hard on iOS 5.0.2 and 5.1

According to Germany-based technology blog Macerkopf, Apple has plans to release iOS 5.0.2 before the end of this week. The update is expected to fix the remaining battery issues that iOS 5.0.1 did not fix and also the enhance overall stability of the OS. Macerkopf claims that the source of this information is an Apple engineer who’s involved in the development of iOS.

In addition to the upcoming iOS 5.0.2 release, Macerkopf claims that Apple is working hard on a more significant iOS 5.1 update — which will supposedly enhance Siri with additional features including photo capturing and enabling/disabling WiFi or Bluetooth. The update will also include fixes other issues that could arise after the release of iOS 5.0.2. The source gave no specific date range on when to expect iOS 5.1.

Apple recently released iOS 5.0.1, which was supposed to fix battery issues, but it didn’t. Instead of fixing the lone issue, the update made it worse for some. Apple replied to this event saying that they were further investigating the issue. In addition to this, the iPhone 4S is suffering from a contacts bug on iOS 5.0.1, but this should be fixed in 5.0.2.

[BGR via Macerkopf]

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