Accessory Review: elago S4 Glide

Style and protection is all one can ask for in an iPhone case, and Elago’s S4 Glide Case provides just that. The iPhone 4 has a great design; retaining that feature and using a case is a tough task. The Glide Case comes close to preserving the original design of the iPhone. Not only will it provide protection, the case will also add beauty to the phone with its sleek design.  Read on for the full review: 

In The Box

  • Case
  • Extra Bottom Clip
  • Full-Body Screen Protectors
  • Microfiber Cloth

All the items that come with the case.


The Elago S4 Glide Case has a simple design while still having a certain style to it. There are various colors to choose from: coral blue, indigo, white, black, pink, baby blue, orange, gray, red, and yellow. Each one is coupled with two bottom clips to allow further customization. Elago has succeeded in making the case tremendously slim even though it is a hardshell case. However, like all cases, this does add a little bulk that allows you to actually grip the iPhone easier.

Being that this is a hard-shell case, it will not get stuck on your pockets when you’re trying to take it out. Since the screen of the iPhone is not covered, the case will not obstruct your view. Furthermore, the case will not block access to the buttons and the headphone jack on the phone.

All the openings of the case besides the sync port.

The volume control, mute switch, and power buttons are easily accessible. Since they are not buried inside so deep that you have to remove the case to use them. Speakers are not covered, so one may think it gets no protection, however, the edge of the case does protect it from surfaces. The sync port is also exposed and doesn’t obstruct charging or syncing.

The two parts and the extra clip.

Elago has constructed the S4 Glide to be comprised of two pieces, the top and the bottom clip. The top piece is the larger part of the two and provides the most coverage: it is also the toughest to install. On the top piece of the case, the Elago branding is embedded on the bottom-center. The clip is easy to install and requires almost no effort.

The microfiber and the screen protector with their respective casing.

Any preexisting screen protectors must be taken off or else the case will start peeling it off because of the slim form factor. Many thin screen protectors will work fine. However, things like invisibleSHIELD may be a tight fit. Elago does provide their own protectors if you don’t want to take chances with an expensive one.

Design: ★★★★★


This case is geared towards consumers who are after more style than protection, because the screen is left exposed. This is not to say the case doesn’t provide any protection, however, if you’re looking for something that can protect your phone’s screen, look elsewhere. Since the material used to manufacture this case is rigid, it will not break easily. There aren’t many parts in this case that are flimsy enough to break. If the S4 had an Achilles Heel, it would be the dock connector since it is left wide open and exposed. Elago should have covered the bottom like they have covered the top.

Front view of the case with a White iPhone 4.

The S4 mainly protects the back and sides. The front of the case is exposed and this means it is prone to any damages that comes its way. Having a screen protector is a need to help avoid those minor scratches. The ones provided by Elago are well made, and not cheap. However, the case will not help protect the iPhone from any major drops. It will only be protected if it drops on its back where the case covers the phone.

Protection: ★★★★


The case comes bundled with a number of accessories, but doesn’t protect the screen of the iPhone. It’s still decently durable though, but can crack. You can buy one for $24.99 on Elago’s website and Amazon. Expensive as it may seem, it provides a sleek style and a decent amount of protection for the majority of the phone. If you want a case, then this is the way to go.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

The Elago S4 Glide is a rigid case that is both fashionable and decently protective. If you want to have protection for your iPhone but want to stay with the same feel of a naked iPhone, then this is defiantly the case for you.

I would like to thank Michael for the product sample.

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