Siri Protocol Cracked, Endless Possibilities Await

The team at Applidium has successfully cracked Siri’s security protocol, making it possible to run the voice assistant on the iPad, older iPhone models, and possibly even non-Apple products—including Android devices.

So basically all we had to do was to setup a custom SSL certification authority, add it to our iPhone 4S, and use it to sign our very own certificate for a fake “”. And it worked : Siri was sending commands to your own HTTPS sever! Seems like someone at Apple missed something!

Siri requires a legitimate iPhone 4S UDID, which can be obtained using the tools that Applidium has published. Be aware that Apple has the power to blacklist identifiers, so don’t distribute yours publicly.

Hit the source for the full technical deets and tools required to reverse-engineer Siri.


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