Could Apple Be Limiting iCloud Access Per Device?

A reader of RazorianFly has discovered an interesting error within Apple’s free iCloud system which leads us to assume that Apple may be limiting some of their customers without paid cloud storage plans. As you can see in the screenshot here, Apple’s systems report to the user that, even though his Apple ID was valid, his iPhone was not qualified for the free iCloud service. More after the break.

Your Apple ID is valid, but this iPhone is not qualified for free iCloud service.

This error may suggest that Apple has begun to limit each individual device’s iCloud access, depending on the particular traits of the device.

RazorianFly notes that user Neil isn’t alone in seeing the error. They found quite a few additional tweets describing an error identical to Neil’s:

“This iPhone is not qualified for free iCloud service.” – what? If the 4s is not supported, what is?
- @aetherworld

Tried to access iCloud on my 4S (which worked before) now says ‘this iphone is not qualified for free iCloud service’ #icloud #iPhone4S
- @bshumaker

“Your Apple ID is valid, bur this iPhone is not qualified for free iCloud service.” Nice. iPhone 4S. @MacDailyNews @fenella_smith @reg0507
- @corbinallred

So, what is going on with Apple and their “free” service? Will there be some type of upgrade coming soon, or is this merely an error to be ignored? Discuss in the comments.


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