Apple Revamping the Genius Bar with iPads, Ditching Macs

Following the transition from traditional paper signage to encased iPad displays at Apple Stores, Genius Bar employees at certain retail stores will also make the switch to iPads in lieu of MacBook Pros. Beginning early next week, Apple geniuses in some retail markets will begin using these iPads to duplicate customer service tasks such as ordering new parts, checking warranty policies, and assisting in repairs; these tasks, until this change, have been completed using a MacBook Pro that runs Apple’s custom GCRM software.

The portable size of the iPad provides two benefits for the Genius Bar; for starters, it will allow retail employees to assist customers virtually anywhere in the store. Furthermore, a larger number of iPads can fit within the counter space at the Genius Bar, which enables more employees to help customers at once. Both of these benefits, plus Apple’s new EasyPay self checkout service, should contribute to speedier customer service at Apple Stores.


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