T-Mobile Feels the Effects of Not Carrying the iPhone 4S

Verizon Wireless began offering the iPhone 4 in February of this year, while Sprint joined the show as an official launch partner of the iPhone 4S this past month. Then there’s AT&T, of course, which has been offering the iPhone since its inception. That leaves T-Mobile as the only national network that still does not carry the iPhone—and it is suffering the consequences. It is not necessarily T-Mobile’s fault, however, as the carrier has publicly expressed its interest in carrying the iPhone on its network; the corporate executives at T-Mobile are merely waiting on Apple to establish such a partnership with their company.

Apple may be holding off on launching the iPhone on T-Mobile because of the potential merger between T-Mobile USA and AT&T. Whatever the reasoning may be, T-Mobile has warned that it may experience a rising amount of its customers on contract leaving the company for one of its iPhone-carrying competitors. Despite this, the carrier announced it has added 126,000 customers to its network in the past fiscal quarter. Fourth quarter results, however, would likely show the effects that T-Mobile is warning of.


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