Amazon Targeting Siri with Yap Acquisition?

Amazon may be looking to create a Siri competitor with their recent acquisition of Yap, a speech-to-text service that offered voicemail transcriptions similar to Google Voice. The Kindle Fire is powered by a very customized version of Android, which shows that Amazon prefers to have as much control over their software as possible (even the Android Market is disabled in favor of the Amazon Appstore), so it’s not surprising that they snatched up a voice recognition startup instead of relying on Google to develop a Siri competitor at their own pace. The usefulness of voice control on mobile devices may be overblown due to they hype surrounding the iPhone 4S, but it’s clear that customers want the technology.

Though the acquisition was apparently completed in September, no public announcement has been made by either company. The filing does not mention Amazon by name, but Yap merged with a company called “Dion Acquisition Sub” that just so happens to be headquartered at 410 Terry Avenue in Seattle, Washington, an building.

[The Atlantic]

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