Get a TouchPad if You’re a Developer

The Verge reports today that HP has one final wave of TouchPads for sale – and they’re only available to developers for application expansion purposes.

HP is pleased to announce the return of the Developer Device Purchase Program for the HP TouchPad for a limited time. Registered developers in the US, Canada, and Europe will be able to purchase up to two TouchPads at a discount while supplies last.

To acquire one of these scarce devices, you must be a registered webOS developer and your request must be sent in via email by the 27th of this month. Supplies are limited and all sales are final and cannot be returned – meaning that you should think before spending any of your company’s assets. Also, as stated above, you may only request two coupons for two TouchPad devices.

It’s rather surprising that HP would offer additional devices after they were completely cleaned out for good last week. It would seem that HP is still  interested in attracting developers to their webOS so that they can profit from some extra apps in the market, which is an excellent strategy. The future of webOS is, to this day, undetermined. Hopefully it will thrive enough for the company to bring the devices back in the future, but no one knows for sure.

Terms, conditions and acquisition information on the developer TouchPad deal is located on HP’s Developer Device Program page here. If you’re a developer, then good luck!

[HP via The Verge]

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