Application Review: Scribblenauts Remix

The legendary Nintendo DS masterpiece, Scribblenauts, was recently ported to the iOS gaming field. Its innovative gameplay and quirky, lovable drawings are suited perfectly for the casual-gamer audience the App Store has accrued, and the concept of the game is simply brilliant. Scribblenauts is a game that allows a user to generate almost any object (excluding vulgar words and phrases), and interact accordingly with it. The number of possible creations in Scribblenauts is limited only by its vast dictionary, containing a huge repertoire of words. The combination of Scribblenaut’s core idea and its execution creates a wonderful game of incredible worth.  Read on for the full Review:


The user plays as Maxwell, a young boy with a penchant for red squiggly helmets and headphones. He is placed in various locations, always aiming to help the task at hand–whether it be brewing a love potion for a witch or aiding Santa Claus in his perpetual delivery of presents.

The notebook’s object-creation interface.

The green notebook in the top right is the heart of the game: it is the medium by which objects are created. With a huge dictionary at its disposal, the versatility of the notebook allows for a diverse range of items to be used to complete a level–many paths exist to complete a given objective.

The game is divided into five worlds, each representing a different level of difficulty. Every world contains ten levels, all of which offer an entirely new setting and task.

A huge factor in the game is the ability to use adjectives. There’s a tremendous difference between an average beaver and a giant rainbow monster beaver, and the game can construct the differences.

Gameplay: ★★★★★


Scribblenauts has a vibrant color scheme, with lively graphics and a mosaic of bright colors to accent the gameplay. Its quirky, hand-drawn art suits the game well, but isn’t exceptional. It doesn’t have the life-like realism of some games, but it’s easy to look at and it feels right for the game.

Menus are arranged in yellow banners, with Level Select dominating the screen. Some settings are located on the bottom of the screen, giving you the ability to access a variety of options quickly.

Scribblenaut’s menus.

Graphics: ★★★★


Scribblenauts allows you to replay all unlocked levels at your discretion. It’s rather pointless, though, if you know the solution already–it’s not stimulating. The game becomes vapid after the initial completion; as innovative as Scribblenauts is, its play style limits it. Of course, you could challenge yourself by refusing to use past words, but it remains rather tedious.

Sandbox mode, however, remains a constant joy throughout the game. Freedom is absolute—there are no goals, no obstacles, and no storyline. Only the simple happiness in creation remains. It was brilliant to include this in Scribblenauts, and it contributes greatly to this exceptionally well-made game.

Replay: ★★★★


Coming in at $4.99, Scribblenauts lies among the more expensive apps in the App Store. Its price, though, is completely justified by its engaging graphics and the remarkable innovation behind its core gameplay.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

Scribblenauts is a beautifully crafted game, offering hours of enjoyment with its levels and sandbox mode. Its innovative gameplay is a powerful example of creativity intertwined with logic, and the game is matched perfectly with its bright graphics.

Overall Score:

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