iTunes 9.1 Released. Safe For JBs, But Blackra1n Not Compatible

As Axis stated below, Apple have released iTunes 9.1. The major part of the update is support for iPad syncing and organising iBooks , bug fixes for iPhotos and a few cosmetic changes and security fixes.  Now the dull part is over, read on for what you really want to know…


The iPhone Dev-Team’s @musclenerd quells the forum unrest: the new iTunes 9.1 update is safe for jailbreakers but @GeoHot’s blackra1n isn’t compatible with it.  So if you’re on a blackra1n jailbreak steer clear of the iTunes update.

Update! / iH8sn0w and his team have put together a small app called blackbreeze that fixes the incompatibility problem with iTunes 9.1 and geohot’s blackra1n jailbreak for 3.1.2 on untehered jailbreaks made over Windows OS (thanks to IamMartin for the heads up).

edit – there are some reports of issues with the blackbreeze fix- use at your own discretion. Check the comments below for more info.

Get the blackbreeze fix from iH8sn0W’s site here.

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