UniBeast Makes the Lion Hackintosh Process Nearly Effortless

Installing Lion on a PC has never really been very straightforward, but there have been multiple tools throughout time that have done their best to simplify the process. Last Sunday, tonymacx86 added to the list with his utility titled UniBeast. UniBeast’s purpose is to create an all-in-one bootable USB flash drive that installs Lion from scratch, as opposed to installing Snow Leopard prior to the upgrade.

The process is succinct and only requires one to two items: An 8 GB or larger flash drive and the Lion install application from the Mac app store or Apple’s OS X Lion USB thumb drive – which is available for purchase here for $69.

This method is much more appropriate than the old DVD routine, where one had to swap out disks after the EFI loader was ready and then type in various commands to begin the install. With time, Apple’s operating system becomes more complicated and the hackintosh process grows simpler. Maybe one day people won’t even need to hackintosh – imagine that.

[tonymacx86 via The Verge]

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