Application Review: Anomaly Warzone Earth

The year is 2018. Your world is being destroyed by alien attacks. You now have to save the world by penetrating the alien defenses using several different vehicles and machines that follow your command. Will you save humanity by completing your commander’s missions successfully? Fate lies in your hands with your iDevice thanks to the 11 Bit Studios S.A.  Read on for the full review:


In Anomaly, you take charge of your fleet of attack vehicles to destroy alien defenses. You accomplish this task by completing each mission that your commander creates. For each level, you buy your troops with a given amount of money. Throughout the game, you gain more and more vehicles to choose from with upgrades, all at a different cost. One must choose the best combination and organization of troops to give them the best chance of succeeding in the mission. Once the troops have been set, a path to the finish has to be set. One may choose a path with the most defenses if he is confident in his troops and wants cash. At other times, the quickest and most direct way can be the more tactical choice.

This screenshot displays the screen that is shown when buying and organizing troops.

After you have finished the preliminary tasks, it is time to start actually playing the game. The vehicles automatically shoot bullets, rockets, or whatever the ammo may be, automatically. This does not mean that everything is done for you or that it is easy. Your job is to use the power ups that are at your expense so that they have the best affect on the troops. Some of these power ups include ones that replenish lost health, or create a smoke screen to decrease the enemy’s accuracy.

In order to successfully complete each mission, you must use power ups such as the healing one shown in use above.

Although similar to most tower defense games, the gameplay of Anomaly is more of a tower attack, rather than defense. One popular game that falls under the category of tower defense is Bloons TD 4 HD. Both are completely unique when compared to each other. Bloons can be extremely addicting to non tower defense lovers, but it doesn’t exactly give the same feel as Anomaly. In my mind, this gives Anomaly a huge edge when it comes to actual games on the App Store compared to fun, addicting apps like Bloons.

The controls are quite simple. There are buttons for each power up that you have unlocked, going to your mission summary, pausing the game, for speeding up the game, reseting your path, and buying new troops, or upgrade your current ones. Each button is self-explanatory and does not clutter the iPad’s screen or interfere with gameplay.

At any point of the game, the controls shown above are visible.

Overall, Anomaly has an amazing quality of gameplay. Each time I play it, I enjoy it thoroughly. However, it does have some minor flaws such as some multiplayer.

Gameplay ★★★★½


The graphics are superb on the iPad 2 since the game takes full advantage of the iPad’s large screen and A5 chip. Although the story line is not realistic, the graphics of alien machines and vehicles are very convincing.

The colors shown in the game give the game a gloomy look, depicting destruction and terror.

Anomaly provides a non contrasting set of colors throughout every aspect of the game. Most of the vehicles are green with a blue border, giving them a military feel to match the rest of the game. Also, the alien machines are red with brighter lines to add to the alien feel. All of the colors throughout the game collaborate to maintain the same feel from beginning to end.

These visuals also reveal a realistic look through the objects included in each level. In the above screenshot, the user sees fallen lights, crashed cars, broken roads, and more. All of these objects are shown with great detail.

The developers at 11 Bit Studios succeeded in making every detail of the game visible and eye pleasing. Each of your units’, and enemies’, health are can be easily viewed without distracting you from the game. Also, the several power ups are close to your fingers and fit in with color scheme. Each menu still continues this theme and are easy to use.

The above screenshot shows the menu when choosing a level. It shows the level number, title, summary, and other things.

For being a game that is played level by level, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD contributes impressive graphics. However, it does have some minor flaws. Although amazing, they are not mind-boggling like that of Infinity Blade. For example, some lines may not be perfectly crisp, yet it is hardly noticeable.

Graphics ★★★★½


Anomaly offers adequate audio that allows users to enjoy completing levels without boredom. This includes a commander’s bold voice explaining the upcoming mission, along with sound effects appropriate to the action.

This game also offers appropriate sound effects. To fight the alien defense, your troops send missiles and other forms of attack. This is clearly heard, and it sounds very realistic. As the aliens fight back with their form of weaponry, it portrays a futuristic tone that corresponds with the alien troops. Along with the sounds for clicking a button and other actions, the sound effects maintain the alien and military feel. Overall, these effects do an adequate job.

Anomaly also provides a soundtrack. This music is simple and keeps the game moving and compliments the gameplay. You can easily adjust the volume of both sound effects and background music, individually. The only downside to the audio of this game is the lack of having the option to play personal playlists. This can be a huge letdown when playing in large amounts of time. Since it does have its own soundtrack, not having customizable playlists won’t leave the user completely bored.

Anomaly allows you to completely control each piece of in game audio.

Audio ★★★★½


With an abundance of levels and several different difficulty modes, Anomaly really gives you a great amount of replay value for the price. There are three levels of difficulties per challenge: Casual, Advanced, and Hardcore. Also, when story mode is completed, when you receive it as a gift, or send two gifts, a Commander Trials Mode is unlocked for play. The Commander Trials is an extra form of difficulty to the existing levels. The only difference is that there is a special “challenge” to do while successfully completing the mission. For example, on one of the levels you are required to defeat all of the towers on the map. Furthermore, there are Game Center and Crystal achievements to unlock accompanied by leader boards to compete with friends.

However, there could have been some sort of addition of multiplayer where once person plays as the aliens while the other controls the regular troops. Similar to this multiplayer idea, there could be an additional single player mode, playing as the aliens.

Replay ★★★★½


This game offers top-notch graphics, a lower the price, and is a universal iPod, iPhone, and iPad app. At a hefty price of $3.99, Anomaly still has a decent bang for your buck. The graphics look very realistic, and the gameplay will be even more of a joy for tower defense fans. Additionally, the numerous levels and different difficulties will keep you busy for many hours. If you do fully complete story mode, there is a Commander Trials Mode to play, along with achievements and leader boards to use through Game Center and Crystal. Overall, if you are at all a fan of tower defense games, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is well worth the price.

Value ★★★★

Final Thoughts

If you love tower defense games like Bloons TD 4 HD and pick-up-and-play games like Angry Birds HD, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is definitely worth $3.99. I don’t necessarily love either of those categories of games, yet I do not regret buying it for $3.99 at all. I believe that you cannot find many apps that include this many hours of replay for only $3.99, especially when it is a universal iDevice game. Overall, if you have some spare money, you cannot go wrong buying Anomaly Warzone Earth HD since you may find yourself picking it up to play in a few months.

Final Score

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