Untethered Jailbreak NOT Pwned4Life

A recent tweet by pOsixninja suggests that both he and GeoHot have access to the same ‘untethered’ jailbreak exploit for the newer iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3G, which means they’re both working on exploiting the same hole and that holes are getting harder to find.  Adding to the bad news, it looks as though this exploit isn’t low enough (i.e. a hardware based bootrom exploit) to ensure that newer iDevices are pwned-for-life, as was the case with the 24kpwn exploit used for the  iPod touch 2G.



This means that Apple have a good chance of patching this exploit out in future firmware upgrades and killing the jailbreak.  It also means that the new bootrom may be impenetrable as, despite multiple teams searching through it at length, no hole has been found…

The good news is that, while the new jailbreak isn’t low level, it is untethered and could be a ‘userland’ jailbreak – i.e. one that can be run from a website similar to the old and now defunct jailbreak.me one used for the golden day firmware OS 1.1.1.

As lauded many times by all concerned, the new jailbreak will be released after the 3.2 OS and the iPad are out and nothing is being done with the honeypot 3.1.3 firmware.  Here’s hoping that Apple haven’t already found and patched this new hole out of 3.2 pre-release.


Update/ Chronic Dev are showing off a video of @comex‘s untethered jailbreak in a blog post that has a friendly poke at GeoHot in its title ‘Hang Onto Your Ego’.  As with Geohot’s recent video this one has also been produced in line with the Dev-Team’s guidelines (instigated to help stomp out the recent plethora of failbr3aks).  They note the following:

  • This is a userland jailbreak, and can be patched. Same as iBoot exploits. The only kind that cannot be patched is a bootrom exploit, and none have been publicized for the iPod touch 3G, iPhone 3G[s] with new bootrom, or iPad yet, as a bootrom exploit is much more valuable.
  • There is no set release date.
  • This exploit is untethered. It is compatible with both the iPhone 3G[s] with new bootrom, the iPod touch 3G, and best of all, it will probably work perfectly on the iPad as the method is a bit different than usual.

..and here’s the video of comex’s jailbreak produced by p0sixninja:

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