Apple Outs New iPhone 4S Camera, iCloud and Siri Ads

Apple has posted some new iPhone 4S advertisements, featuring the new 8-megapixel camera, iCloud, and Siri elements. The camera ad focuses on convincing viewers – at least the ones that are not knowledgable in the field – that they will never need to use another camera again.

With 8 megapixels, advanced optics and more, the all new camera on the iPhone 4S may be the only camera you need.

This is true for those who use it frequently because it’s extremely portable and easy to tote around on trips. However, a professional photographer may not wish to choose the camera in the iPhone 4S as a portable alternative because of its limited configuration options. Overall, the phone would be great for someone like this, but the camera will be underused.

In any case, check out the other ads after the break.

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