Popular Titles Planned for iPad: Real Racing HD, Flight Control HD and More…

As iPhone apps grow, so do the iPad’s.  Following up Apple’s recent slip-up of accidentally revealing a whole bunch of iPad apps planned to hit the AppStore, Macrumors has found quite a few popular titles that are planned for an iPad release.

Developers are now allowed to submit their application for approval in time for the iPad release, which can’t stop them from shouting about their upcoming titles.  A couple were demoed back in January when Steve Jobs first unveiled the large touchscreen device, but so little games have yet been announced.

However, now we’ve got a whole new and improved list to write down, as very popular games that have been on the iPhone are being planned, or have been made, for the iPad:

  • Flight Control HD
  • Real Racing HD
  • Labyrinth 2 HD
  • Cro-mag Rally for iPad
  • Enigmo Deluxe
  • And more…

It seems as though developers are hitting the graphical quality of the iPad rather than the large touchscreen.  Porting apps over from the iPhone seems to be a great idea, but I’d like to see a couple of iPad-specific apps – that were made for the iPad and the iPad only.

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