Google TV Update Will Bring Android Apps to the Television

Google will be rolling out a major update to their set-top-box platform this weekend. Google TV was originally designed to aggregate content from cable and online sources including YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon in a searchable interface, but the initial reception was very poor. The update will refine and unclutter the UI, improve searching, and make discovering new content much easier.

Most importantly, a handful of TV-optimized Android applications will available at launch, and the full range of existing apps in the Market will also be available for download. Apple TV users have been eagerly waiting App Store support, but it looks like Cupertino has been beat on this front. Developers will be able to create games that use Android phones as controllers, which could make the Google TV a viable replacement for consoles for casual gamers.

If your one of the few customers who didn’t return their Google TV, let us know if the update makes the platform worthwhile.


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