Sprint: iPhone Will Allow Us to Maintain Unlimited Data

According to the Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse, the iPhone will actually lighten the strain on their network, allowing them to continue to offer unlimited data. Sprint is currently the only major carrier in the states that offers an unlimited data package, and while they promise to offer all-you-can-eat bandwidth for as long as possible, many subscribers are worried that the addition of iPhone traffic would make it unprofitable for Sprint. But, Hesse claims that Apple’s phone uses data much more conservatively than other devices due to the tight App Store restrictions, which reduces the number of inefficient apps that clog the network.

The iPhone’s other strength stems from Apple’s tight control over iPhone applications. Since Apple makes iPhone apps meet network efficiency thresholds, iPhone apps tend to “ping” networks less often than other mobile operating systems do. Cutting down on app “noise” lets carriers operate their networks in a more productive and ultimately more profitable manner. “It’s almost like a Prius,” said Hesse, comparing the iPhone to Toyota’s fuel-efficient car.


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