Father of the iPod Revolutionizing the… Thermostat?

Tony Fadell, the former Senior VP of the iPod division, left Apple in 2009 and has been hard at work re-imagining a common but frequently overlooked household appliance: the thermostat. His take on the device is called the Nest Learning Thermostat, and it’s the first of its kind that is able to program itself. Nest aims to reduce energy bills by regulating the temperature intelligently within your preferred highs and lows based on the time of day and outside temperature—it even knows when you should be at work, and changes the temperature accordingly in order to save electricity.

Of course, coming from the designer of the iPod, the wall unit looks good. While it may seem unimportant, a device like this needs to be a pleasure to use in order to be effective. The interface shows the time left until the desired temperature is reached, whether or not you are actively saving energy, and a history of changes made.

The Nest will be available online and from Best Buy in November for $250. The price may seem high, but depending on your A/C and heating habits, it will probably pay for itself sooner than you might think.


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