Google Chrome Stable Gets Redesigned New Tab Page and More

Today, Google has updated their Chrome stable channel to version 15.0.874.102. This new version brings many new features that were previously only available on the beta channel. These include a redesigned new tab page, bouncy Lion-like scrolling, a redesigned Web Store, and more.

The new tab page has received a complete redesign in this version of Chrome. First, they changed the way apps and most visited sites are organized by separating them into two different pages. These pages can be navigated by either swiping right or left on a Mac’s Magic Mouse or trackpad, clicking the arrows on the right or left side of the page, or simply clicking “Most visited” or “Apps.” Apps can also be reorganized easily by dragging them wherever you want them to be on the page.

One of the great new features of the new Chrome stable release is that it has finally gained support for OS X Lion’s multitouch capabilities. This means that you can now navigate through pages by swiping right or left on your Magic Mouse or trackpad. Even though this is a great feature, be careful of accidentally swiping sideways, because that’s an easy way to lose unsaved data. Multitouch integration is very handy, though, and it helps to keep a more fluent experience throughout Lion – not to mention, it saves the time of moving the mouse to the top left corner in order to go back.

Additionally, scrolling now bounces back like Lion’s Safari has always done when you scroll past the edge of a page. Doing this will show a gray linen background, which is similar to Safari’s darker one.

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New Web Store

Google’s new Chrome Web Store is very well designed. It has a featured app slider and endless scrolling of featured apps with a sticky sidebar on the left side. Simplicity is definitely the word to describe the new store, even though it is a bit busy looking at first.

Here are Google’s words on the new Chrome Web Store:

Apps and extensions are now presented in a wall of images that’s updated every time you visit the store. We hope this will help you quickly scan the store and find interesting things to try out. In addition, apps and extensions are easier to install—just hover over an image on the grid and click “Add to Chrome.”

Getting additional information about an app or an extension is just a click away. When you click on an app, extension or theme, you’ll see a panel featuring screenshots, videos and other relevant information neatly organized into separate tabs. The store also includes a brand new reviews interface that links to the Google+ profile of each reviewer. (To protect your privacy, we made sure to anonymize any reviews that you previously submitted.)

Go download the new stable release of Chrome here, and enjoy your browsing experience!

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