A busy month for Tapulous

Hot on the tails of the success of Riddim Ribbon (featuring the main stars, BEP)Tapulous have been very busy this month, pushing out two brand new versions of Tap Tap Revenge.

First out of the gates was Kings of Leon Revenge (or KOL Revenge for short.) The track listing is:

* Use Somebody
* Crawl
* The Bucket
* Be Somebody
* On Call
* McFearless
* Notion
* Black Thumbnail
* True Love Way
* Sex On Fire

As a Kings of Leon fan, I was very excited to see this released, and it does have some amazing hits on it, and as you can see from the image below, graphically it’s beautiful:

And there’s been a great contest throughout March, which is still open and the prizes are brilliant.

Enter the KINGS OF LEON REVENGE Contest and score an 16GB Wi-Fi Apple iPad!

Are you the King of Tapdom? Do you utterly RULE over everyone you battle? Good, then this contest is for you. Get out your iPod, polish those thumbs, and get your tap on. Every day for the next 30 days one KINGS OF LEON REVENGE player wins “Only By The Night” on CD! Then, one grand prize winner gets an autographed 10″ vinyl for “Red Morning Light” as well as a soon-to-be-released 16GB Wi-Fi iPad!! Sweet!

How to win: Each day of the contest, we’ll pick a random song in KINGS OF LEON REVENGE. The daily prize goes to the player with the highest score submitted on that day for the chosen song. Then, the autographed 10″ vinyl grand prize goes to the player with the highest score submitted on USE SOMEBODY in KINGS OF LEON REVENGE during the contest. Sounds easy, right? Now get to it, and long tap the King!

The contest begins on Friday, March 12th, at 12:01 AM Pacific Time, and runs until Saturday, April 10th, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Scores must be submitted in Kings of Leon Revenge, while online, during the contest period for entry.

So if you’re up for the KOL challenge, you can click here to go to the iTunes page and consider buying it!

And now… to go from one extreme to another:

Next up, for all those 13 year old teenage girls on iPTF…. Justin Bieber Revenge!…

Yes, by popular demand this game was created and released TODAY, and features 11 songs by the YouTube sensation.

- Baby (feat. Ludacris)
- Bigger
- Down To Earth
- Favorite Girl
- Love Me
- Never Let You Go
- One Less Lonely Girl
- One Time
- One Time (Acoustic)
- Somebody To Love
- U Smile

Now… being in the UK, I’m lucky enough to have not had a whole load of exposure of Bieber yet, but I have heard Baby on the radio and I’m going to keep my opinions to myself… However, the app does look very good, and I’m sure if you’re into his music, you’ll enjoy it as much as any other Tap Tap Revenge game:

Personally however, I will be holding off on this until I get a bit more into his music… (if that ever happens! Although, I was once a fan of the Spice Girls… Hey, or someone could gift me it?! :P ) but if the demand is there, Tapulous gotta supply! And again, another competition with great prizes for fans:


Justin Bieber is about to kick off his North American tour for My World 2.0, and we want you to be on hand to see it LIVE!

Download and play Justin Bieber Revenge for a chance at 2 tickets to see Justin Bieber live at a local city near you! To win this once-in-a-lifetime prize, grab your iPhone or iPod touch and BEAT Justin Bieber Revenge. Once you submit a score above 100,000 points on every track, you’ve got an entry into the contest for a chance to win a trip to see Justin Bieber perform live.

But you know that’s not enough! So we’re also giving away 30 copies of “My World 2.0″ autographed by Justin Bieber himself! Every day for the next 30 days you can win one of these autographed albums just by submitting a high score in Justin Bieber Revenge.

And if you want it, it’s available on iTunes too for £2.99 ($4.99)

Below are links to the Tapulous-created videos for both apps, so go ahead and have a watch (they’re only 30 seconds long) and feel free to vent any opinions on this thread!

Kings of Leon Revenge (YouTube)

Justin Bieber Revenge (YouTube)

Oh, and just for the lolz… Here’s one of my favourite parodies of all time:

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