Long Live Quicksilver!

Quicksilver, the amazing application launcher that was left for dead, has made a triumphant return with full Lion compatibility. The handy little application is great as an alternative to Spotlight for opening applications from the keyboard, and has a plug-in system with support for a wide range of modules, allowing you to enter Terminal commands, search your address book, crunch numbers, and much more from within the launcher.

It’s been a relatively long time coming (4 months – a catching of breath compared to the semi-conscious release cycle of QS pre–ß59), but it’s here – an officially Lion–compatible version of Quicksilver. Patrick Robertson, the lead developer, is back from his 2-month-long jaunt and has hooked up with the other devs, which include Rob McBroom and Etienne Samson, to release ß61 – a Quicksilver ready for Mac’s new cat.

New features include:

  • New icon
  • Auto-plugins
  • UI enhancements
  • New actions
  • Tons of fixes
  • More!


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