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Ever since I played the amazing iOS puzzle game From A to B, I have found that my standards for such games in gameplay, graphics, replay and value have increased tremendously. iDemolished does not stand on the same level as From A to B. However, iDemolished brings some unique features to strategic games that can capture the eye of even the most avid mobile gamer.  Read on for the full review:


If you couldn’t tell by the name iDemolished, there is one simple task in this game: to demolish things. Simple enough right? Not quite. iDemolished is a strategy game where you must place specific explosives wisely in order to bring down each building. As you progress, more powerful explosives and beams are available. Be careful though, some explosives don’t work on certain girders!

When you first start the game, you can either select play or building editor. When play is selected there are three options: your buildings, Big Town, or online buildings. No matter which one is chose, you will start playing levels. The Big Town levels are the main levels of the game.

As I mentioned above, the girders and explosives get stronger as the game progresses. You start out with the $1 explosive, but soon unlock the $5, $10, $25, $50, and $60 explosives. The girders gain strength as well. They are bamboo, wood, concrete, marble, iron, steel, and indelible. Bamboo being the weakest and indelible being indestructible. There seems to be a mistake in the order of strength of the beams. Some would say that bamboo is stronger than wood and even possibly concrete, so it would make sense to make it stronger than those two.

On iron beams, the $1 explosive is ineffective and cannot be placed. On steal beams, the $1 and $5 explosives are ineffective and cannot be placed.

The left picture shows what explosives you can choose to place. The right picture shows what beams you will be up against.

Once you choose the Big Town levels, a simple building appears on the screen and the game begins. Once the bottom right charge icon is tapped, you can choose which type of explosive you want to set. There is a certain amount of money on each level to place bombs. The bombs must be placed in the right spot to cause the building to crumble, and make it fall below the level line. Once you run out of money from placing bombs, press the detonator button (bottom right corner “boom” button) to cause the explosives to go off. They will go off in the order they were placed unless unless they are individually selected, and a delay time set. This can be useful to make the smaller bombs crumble and the larger bombs scatter. If you don’t pass the level, it will let you try again. The reset button can be pressed to just reset the building with all your explosives still there, or pressed again to clear them. Depending on how far down the line is, you can get a gold, silver, or bronze medal.

This is a picture of the $60 bomb blowing up. This is the most powerful bomb on the game.

This isn’t as easy as you might think, though. The indelible beam is indestructible, and the user must plan and place explosives around it to make it fall. There are also connecting point on the buildings. If you do not blow this up the girders will survive the explosive and still be attached. This makes it hard to get it below the target line, so one would probably want to bomb the link.

There is one more aspect to gameplay that we must discuss, the building editor. Here you can make your own creations. By selecting which type of beam you want, which explosives the user can use, and even the amount of money they have to beat it. These can be saved for personal use, or published for online play.

This is the building editor. This is a building I made using all the typed of breams. The red “laser” looking lines are showing what beams are connected.

When the user select online levels from the play menu, they will see other creations that people have personally made. They may even see one that you made.

Gameplay: ★★★★


This is one place where I am truly disappointed in iDemolished. Since the levels give you the ability to zoom in and zoom out to fit the size of the building, you can get close and see how the girders look, graphic wise. When you zoom in all the way, the graphics become extremely pixelated

The graphics are very pixelated when viewed at about 3/4 to full zoom.

It doesn’t seem like a lot of time was put into making these images. I did not expect the graphics to be perfect, but there was no crisp or polished feel the them. Also, the menus do not seem well done either. They seem like that are just thrown on there, and could have been done a lot better.

When the user starts the game, they are brought to two menus, the play and building editor menu. When they select the play menu, they have a lot more choices. Here, they can select what difficulty they want to play, and what levels to play. They can choose to play your created buildings, the Big Town default levels, or online levels that are user submitted.

These menus all have a gray base with yellow, green, orange or red writing. I can see the reason for using red and orange because they are commonly associated with explosives. The green seems a little brighter than it needs to be, almost neon in color, the look doesn’t fit well with the overall color scheme. If the green was a little darker, it would fit better.

This is the menu you see after you complete each level. It looks as if it was just thrown there. Some more thought could’ve been put into it.

Graphics: ★★★


This is another low scoring category. I expected decent background music and high quality explosive sounds- I was wrong. The only audio this game has is when you place a bomb, and when you detonate them. As you place each bomb, you hear a sort of “pop” letting you know it has been placed. Then, when you detonate them, you hear the explosions of the bombs. The higher dollar explosives have louder sounds than the lower ones. Since there is no background music to go along with the game, it can make for a very dull gaming experience.

Audio: ★★½


As I have said before, this game was fun while it lasted. I, however, played on apprentice difficulty. You can choose what I did, or you can choose hobbyist or professional. As you pick a higher difficulty, the amount of money you get per level decreases. So, if you can beat the game on one, you can always choose the next one and play all the levels through again.

The next aspect that draws the user in is the building editor. One can literally create any kind of building and publish it to the web for yourself and others to play. It can get fun getting creative and making challenging or just plain cool levels.

The last thing that would go in this category is online buildings. Players can play hundreds of user created levels online. They can choose levels ranging from most popular to random. There are many cool levels online. Heck, I’ve even seen a full scale Mario level which is hard to believe that they created it just from girders.

Replay: ★★★★


It took me about 2 to 3 hours to play through the game. Considering all the aspects of the game, I don’t think $1.99 is a good price for this game. If it was to be kept a paid game, as is, I suggest that it should only cost $0.99. Even then, to make the game fully worth it, many more levels would need to be added and different aspects of gameplay incorporated. This game has not met my high standards on puzzle games. I can only see this game being worthy if it was free or upgraded.

Value: ★★★

Final Thoughts

After taking into consideration all of the categories, I can’t recommend this game to hardcore mobile device gamers at its current price. It is a fun game, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t see enough depth or dynamics in the game to pay $1.99 and still get your money’s worth. However, if you absolutely can not find an Android game that is decent, and have money to blow, go ahead and buy this game. It will give you a couple of hours in entertainment in the main levels and you can spend more time making or playing online levels.


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