Happy Birthday iPod, You’re Ten Years Old Already!

Exactly ten years ago, to this day, Steve Jobs hit the stage to debut the very first iPod. Arguably, it is this tiny portable media player that helped the Cupertino-based company reestablish its brand name following the financial problems it endured during the mid-to-late 1990s. Apple first showed off the iPod to the world on October 23, 2001, followed up by a November 10, 2001 release.

Now, a decade later, the iPod still remains an important part of Appleā€™s product lineup, with multiple different models having been introduced over the years from the iPod mini to the iPod touch. Despite heavy criticism upon its release, the iPod has gone on to sell well over 300 million units worldwide. As an iPod and iOS-centric community, here’s a heartwarming “happy birthday” to Apple’s portable media player that changed it all. Here’s to more great years ahead.

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