Sprint Begins Limiting Data on Mobile Broadband

Sprint’s biggest marketing slogan has been “With Sprint, you don’t get charged extra, you don’t slow down, and you get unlimited data, text, and calling to any mobile for only $79.99/mo.” Well, it seems that today marks the beginning of the end as Sprint announced that it will be limiting 4G mobile broadband data starting in November. This means that the users of mobile hotspots, USB modems, tablets, and notebooks on 4G will have to conform to one of these data plans:

The worst part about this is that Sprint isn’t even grandfathering their current customers’ plans and they’re forcing them to choose a new plan with a cap before November comes around. Their pricing isn’t actually that good of a deal either. Verizon’s base mobile broadband plan is $15 cheaper than Sprint’s new one.

Even though all good things must come to an end, hopefully the end of unlimited data for smartphones on Sprint is a long while off. However, it would be correct to assume that, with the iPhone coming to Sprint, unlimited data may be coming to an end very soon. If the carrier gets too much traffic on their towers, then the only option will be to limit people so that they will slow down. Hopefully they’ll allow grandfathered plans, though.


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