NGmoco’s ‘Eliminate’ Gets Co-op – Out Now

NGmoco:] are trying their best to keep their top online shooter, Eliminate Pro, on people’s homescreens.  Various updates with weapons and maps have passed throughout the months since the big day of release back in 2009, yet better online first-person shooters seem to keep pouring in.

Though there are a few users who still prefer Eliminate to the several other FPSs, NGmoco:] have let out their latest and greatest addition – cooperative multiplayer.

You’ll be able to shoot various floating robots with a friend online, using their famous Plus+ social-networking system.  All existing armour and weapons should be included.  Once you destroy a bot credits will fall out, similar to single-player online mode, which can then be traded in for a few extra goodies for your player.

Although it remains to have their freemium model, which has appeared in their latest releases, early impressions are starting to kick in quite positively.  If you’ve deleted this off your homescreen, I’d give it another go now that it’s finally received co-op.

Eliminate: Co-op (FREE)

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