Swype Beta for Android Updated to v3.26

Swype has released a shiny new beta build of their doodling keyboard for Android complete with—drumroll please—automatic updates! Before, it was a bit of a nuisance to have to reinstall the apk with each new beta update (which erases settings and dictionary data), so the addition of Swype Connect should ease the pain of testing.

Other improvements include 11 new languages, a refined keyboard layout, enhanced settings, and oodles of bug fixes. If you’re in on the beta, download the latest apk and be glad it’s the last time you’ll need to.

Automatic Updates

You’ve asked for it, so here it is! Swype BETA now supports automatic updates directly from within Swype! Version 3.26 of the Swype BETA includes Swype Connect v2, which lets us deliver the latest Swype improvements directly to your device.

  • Break free of the SwypeInstaller – Once you’ve installed this latest version of Swype BETA you’ll never have to use the SwypeInstaller again. Updates can be installed straight from the Swype Settings menu.
  • Get Notified – When a new update is ready, we’ll send a notification right to your device. Never get stuck with an expired version of Swype BETA again.
  • Save your dictionary and settings – Since automatic-updates don’t require you to uninstall Swype first, you’ll be able to take your dictionary and settings with you when you upgrade. No more re-entering slang and curse words ;)


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