Headphone Review: MEElectronics CC51P

Ceramics are as old as time itself. They were used in ancient times for pottery and beautiful pieces of art. Ceramics were used to determine the shift of the Earth’s magnetic field, and to prove that someday, north will become south; south shall become north. Ceramics hold a huge place in history, but are also used in today’s day and age. The shiny, delicate substance is still used to make masterpieces and pottery. MEElectronics however, took ceramics to another level, the use in headphones. Like the wooden CW31Ps, the CC51Ps use ceramic because it creates a more natural vibration than plastic and metals. This ensures the most natural sound possible. The MEE CC51s offer a beautiful design, an inoffensive audio signature that is sure to please, a durable build, ample comfort, and a huge bang for the buck.  Read on for the full review: 


  • Driver: 6mm Dynamic Micro-Driver
  • Frequency: 18 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohms

In the Box

  • MEE CC51P headset
  • Silicon tips (single flange: S/M/L; double flange: M)
  • Carrying case
  • Cable clip

The CC51s don’t come with much, but is enough to get by on.


At first glance, just from pictures alone, the MEE CC51Ps really remind me of the Apple IEMs in terms of design. There are some slight differences as the Apple IEMs are made of plastic and feel much cheaper overall in comparison to the CC51s. The stem of the CC51 is much shorter than the Apples as well.

The CC51s closely resemble the shape of the Apple IEMs, but do it in a much more luxurious fashion.

As stated before, the CC51Ps are made of a nice ceramic material. Not only does this make the headphones feel really nice in your hands, giving it a nice heft, it also looks gorgeous. The ceramic housings are available in two colors that are black and white. Both housings come with a beautiful, natural coating that is shiny and glossy. The white pain looks as if it has a light yellow color shift and has a nice glitter in the sun light. The design itself really looks great overall.

The design of the CC51s is just stunning.

Overall, the design on these IEMs is just refreshing. They take the minimalistic designs of Apple, add more curvature, and then give it a warm, relaxing paint job. I have to hand it to MEE for making such beautiful headphones.

Design: ★★★★★


The ceramic housings on these aren’t only used for a good design; they are also advertised to “have increased timbre and a more natural sound.” The audio quality on these is actually really great. Overall, it has a slight V-shape leaning towards the low sides of things. Warm and sweet would be a good way to describe it. Since it is part of MEE’s clarity series, they did aim to have good clarity on these.


The bass is definitely on the heavier sides of things, but not too heavy. It does seem to be a bit much at times, but this was still a rarity. They still aren’t enough quantity for a bass-head, but it’s heading in that direction. The quality of the bass is actually really pleasant. The bass is really punchy and smacks your head back and forth with its immense impact. The bass still is able to dig deep though, with amazing texture allowing you to visualize the sub bass in a dramatic way. If MEE tones down the bass just a tiny bit, I would definitely be able to give it a perfect 5 in this category. Still, it is some of the best bass I’ve heard in a sub-100 dollar set.

Bass: ★★★★½


The mids on these are slightly recessed. These mids really remind me of the ThinkSound TS02s, except slightly better in just about every way. The vocals on these are great, they aren’t Etymotic great, but still really dynamic overall. The timbre, as advertised is there, you can hear the quality of the individual instruments. The clarity, on these is really stunning knowing that the mids are recessed the way they are. The details are there, but I did find that they sometimes did get lost in the background of heavier songs. Overall, the mids on these are actually quite enjoyable, but it would help if they were a little more present.

Mids: ★★★★½


The high-end of the MEE’s is really light, despite being in greater quantity than the mids. The highs can really be described as crispy and flakey, this isn’t a bad thing though. This gives the highs a really fun sparkle and glitter. The clarity, again, is really good. However, they do lack some details in the high end, something I wish was still there. While listening to the headphones, I did wish the treble was pushed just a little more as I found it was missing a thing or two.

Highs: ★★★★

Noise Isolation

These do not insert as deep as many isolating headphones. Overall, the isolation on these is actually good. It can easily drown out outside noise to ensure you can enjoy your music in peace. It will not drown out everything, but drowns out enough.


Microphonics definitely isn’t MEE’s strong point here. Although their A151s have an almost microphonic-proof cable, the flagship CC51s have a cable that is prone to microphonics. Of course, MEE doesn’t leave you hanging when they include a nice clip with the headset. Wearing them over the ear also helps tremendously.

The included clip can help with microphonics.

The audio quality that the CC51s give is actually really enjoyable. They signature is a popular one that pushes the high and low end a little more than the mid-range. They don’t forget about the mids though as the mids are one of the best parts of the headphones.

Audio: ★★★★½


The build quality on the CC51Ps is a toss-up when it comes to build quality. Some parts are really tough, while others can use some tweaking up. The CC51s do come with a nice case, which is always a good thing to include. The case is the old-style of MEE cases, similar to the A151 design, but just slightly smaller.

The case that is included with these has a similar design to the A151s.

The headphone jack is a well-built jack. The gold plating is always a good thing to have. The jack has a nice strong strain relief that is flexible as well. The angling in the jack is what makes it able to take a beating and still live to tell the tale.

The headphone jack on the CC51s is build to last.

The cable on these MEEs is sub-par at best. I was really hoping for a better cable, especially knowing that this was their flagship model. The cable seems very brittle. Also, I should note that if you remove the clip incorrectly from the cable it could tear it. I haven’t tested this theory, but it’s been floating around online. To remove the clip, slightly pry apart the prongs that wrap around the cord to remove it without damaging it. The cord overall does seem sub-par. One good thing about it is that it doesn’t tangle at all, a big plus.

At the end of each cable is a nice piece of ceramic art. Now, in the beginning of the review, I talked about how ceramic was more brittle and easier to shatter. This is certainly not true with the housings on the CC51Ps. The ceramic housings are tough as stones, and will not shatter. They feel as strong as they actually are. There is a nice stuff strain relief coming out of each housing to seal the deal.

Overall, the build is still good. I do still think they should upgrade the cable greatly as it does seem weaker than many cables I’ve used. It just doesn’t seem as solid as their lower-tier cables, and is nowhere near the A151 cable. Still, overall, I do trust these to last.

Build: ★★★★


These headphones do not insert as deeply as most IEMs, so this does greatly help the comfort here. The CC51s have a nice center of balance that allows them to sit in your ear and rarely pop out. MEElectronics was nice enough to include 4 sets of tips to ensure that the headphones are comfortable when they are on your ears. Ensure you get a good seal if you want the best sound. I am able to wear these for hours on end; they are that comfortable.

MEE includes 4 sets of tips for you to obtain the best fit.



MEElectronics’ flagship model runs for just under 80 dollars, the P-model show here comes with a remote and will cost 10 dollars more. To delve even deeper, these can be found on sites like Amazon for around 50 dollars. At 90, these are a great deal, they are comfortable, mostly durable, have great audio quality, and a simplistic design that is eye-catching when you look at it aesthetically. Now, it’s a great value at 90; these sell for 50 through Amazon, you really have nothing to lose here.

Value: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

The CC51s are MEElectronics flagship model that they have great pride in, and with reason too. The CC51s are one of the best IEMs I’ve heard for under one hundred. At 50 dollars, these become a huge steal being able to play just about any genre that you throw at it. Not only will it play it, it’ll play it well with quality in mind.

I’d like to thank Mike for the product sample.

Overall Score

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