PSA: Siri is Easy, Will Spill Your Beans for Attention

Heads up, iPhone 4S users: By default on Apple’s latest gadget, Siri can be invoked without needing to enter a passcode, so anyone with access to your device will be able to place calls, send messages, and generally wreck minor havoc on your system. Passcodes are great for keeping your data secure in the surprisingly common event that you lose your phone in a bar, but lets face it—most of us use one to prevent friends from posting an embarrassing status on Facebook.

Luckily, we don’t have to wait on a fix from Cupertino. Just head over to the passcode lock settings and toggle Siri “off”. It’s slightly less convenient, but a heck of a lot more secure. Make sure to tell your friends, and definitely do not text that girl they like from English class next time they leave to use the bathroom.

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