Instapaper for iOS Updated to 4.0 with New UI and More

Instapaper for iOS has been updated with loads of new features, including a revamped user interface, support for fetching information from Wikipedia, and dynamic footnotes. If you don’t already use Instapaper, check it out. It’s a great tool for saving interesting web articles for later reading. For example, if you see a great post that you want to read in the bathroom later, just hit the “Read Later” bookmarklet on your web browser, and next time you fire up Instapaper on your iPad, the article will be beautifully formatted and ready to read.


Instead of just showing Liked articles from online friends who use Instapaper, the Friends panel can now show all links posted to your Facebook news feed, Twitter timeline, or Tumblr Dashboard. So even if your friends don’t use Instapaper as much as you do, you can still find plenty of great articles to read.

The service itself is free, but the app will run you $4.99—not cheap by App Store standards, but it’s a worthy investment if you have a long commute on the metro or a fondness for reading on your mobile device.

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