Blendtec Releases “Will It Blend” App, Blends an iPhone 4S

Blendtec has released yet another new “will it blend” video on YouTube, this time blending an iPhone 4S to nothing more than dust and “Siri smoke.” The video is dedicated to Steve Jobs and it promotes a new “will it blend” app that has been available for free on the App Store since September 30th. The application displays many of the past videos in the “will it blend” series, has an integrated shop for purchasing blenders, and also has sections for “try this at home” and “don’t try this at home” blending tips and suggestions. Release notes can be found after the break.

Will It Blend?™

Feed your desire for blending destruction with the Will it Blend?™ app.

This app allows you to:
*View and download any Will it Blend?™ episode you’d like.
*“Hang with Tom,” by adding Tom Dickson to your favorite photos.
*Share photos of you and Tom hanging out on Facebook.
*Suggest New Blends to the Will it Blend?™ Team

How to “Hang with Tom:”
1. Press the “Hang with Tom” button
2. Select the Tom you’d like to add to your photo
3. Take picture or choose one from your album
4. Pick Your Tom
5. Adjust Tom’s placement and size
6. Share the photo of you and Tom on Facebook

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