11-11-11 is No Email Day, Among Other Things

Someone wants to break your constant need to check email. Paul Lancaster’s mission is to persuade the world that their inbox should be allowed to collect dust for one full day. The day of choice is November 11th (yeah, so cliché), which also happens to be the day that The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim releases (woo hoo!). Moving on … here’s how Lancaster says No Email Day will work:

This would involve switching off your email completely (or simply ignoring it) so you can focus completely on your ‘real work’ or ‘art’ that is currently going undone.

If you do need to contact someone on this day, emails should be strictly off limits – replaced instead by real life, face to face interaction, picking up the phone or perhaps even writing a letter (remember those?) Better still if you can spend time away from work to be inspired and re-connect with the offline world.

So, who’s going to participate in this scheme of not checking their email for an entire day? Sounds scary doesn’t it? Maybe there should be a “No Facebook Day” too.

[Paul Lancaster via TNW]

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