New MacBook Pros Incoming

9to5Mac reports today that Apple’s MacBook Pro stock is beginning to dwindle, hinting at an upcoming hardware refresh. If you check Apple’s online store, you can see that all models still seem to be in stock, however, 9to5Mac has been assured that there is a refresh coming very soon. They have also been notified that new MacBook Pro models have entered Apple’s inventory system, which usually means release is within a week or so. More info after the break.

The last refresh of Apple’s MacBook Pro line was back in¬†February¬†of this year. It added Intel’s new Thunderbolt capability for faster transfers and Sandy Bridge CPUs to keep up with the times, along with the usual “get more for your money” routine. Reports and rumors have suggested that Apple would offer a redesigned MacBook Pro towards the end of this year, but 9to5Mac’s source has confirmed that this will not be the case and to only expect a small update. There was also a report back in September proposing that Apple would release a minor update to their current line of MacBook Pros, giving them the latest Ivy Bridge CPUs – which have yet to be announced.

In other details, 9to5Mac says to expect an update to Bluetooth 4.0 – which has been included in the new iPhone 4S and MacBook Airs. You can also look forward to getting a bit more for your money because it’s usually what Apple tends to do with their refreshes. Don’t expect a change in price, however, because it’s very unlikely.

So, will you buy a new MacBook Pro when they are released? Tell us in the comments!


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