CM7 Alpha for TouchPad Released

The CyanogenMod team has released an alpha build of CM7 for the TouchPad. We’ve been following the progress of Android on the webOS tablet ever since HP decided to nuke the device from orbit, and you’ll be happy to hear that significant improvements have been made. Most major hardware is now supported, including WiFi, camera, GPU acceleration, sound, multitouch, and much more—you can even enjoy streaming movies with Netflix or building grandiose cottages in Minecraft.

Sweet, sweet Internet,

You waited more-or-less patiently for over a month, so at long last, here it is– an alpha version of CyanogenMod 7.1.0 (an enhanced version of Google’s Android 2.3) for the TouchPad.

Understand, this version is definitely an alpha, with all that implies. Those expecting perfection will be sorely disappointed. Many things won’t work as well as they will eventually. But you wanted it ASAP, and hopefully, this version should be somewhat useable and gives a sense of progress.

Check out the demonstration video (as narrated by Star Trek’s Chekov) for a quick look at the current progress, and hit the source to download.


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