Cydia Review: WeBe++

Webe is available on the App Store, however, it will not support Bluetooth!

If you’re like me, you understand that WiFi is not easily accessible yet and so wireless mouse/keyboard control on your iDevice seems impossible. There are no apps that do not require a WiFi signal or Ad Hoc, and Ad Hoc doesn’t always work. You also have to understand there are other devices besides your computer that support emulation of a mouse/keyboard but there are no apps for it on the App Store.  Read on for the full review:

I do a lot of presentations and I’ve always wanted a Bluetooth remote so the presentations run smoother. I recently acquired a few generic Bluetooth dongles. Hence, my search for an app that could optimize the use of these dongles by allowing me to use them to control my presentations from a distance. I searched in the App Store but the ones I found required a WiFi signal which was unavailable to me where I present my work. There were others that supported Ad Hoc signals. I tried to use this system after I found out how to create one but it did not work for me, so I was stuck. After a while, I searched Cydia and found exactly what I was looking for, WeBe++. This app emulates all the functions of a mouse and keyboard and is compatible with any Bluetooth capable device (such as a PS3). The way this app works is revolutionary for the iPod/iPad/iPhone ecosystem because it supports Bluetooth and it does not require any additional software to run.


This app does not require you to add an additional repo as long as you have the community repos. It is stored in the BigBoss repo. Just do a Search in Cydia for Webe and there will only be one app to choose from.

You will also need to know how to pair Bluetooth devices.


The features are minimalistic. The app allows you to do what a regular Bluetooth mouse could do. The app uses BTstack so you have to have your Bluetooth disabled.

  • SoundYou can choose to use sounds to emulate a regular Bluetooth mouse. I find this is unnecessary. However, if you want the feel of a real Bluetooth mouse, you may want this feature.
  • WiFi/Bluetooth/USBThe app supports usage over WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB. For WiFi and USB, you will need the Webe Server to establish a connection between your computer and the iDevice.
  • Mouse

    This screen appears after you’ve connected to a Bluetooth capable device.

    The Mouse is very basic. A simple background color is used by default. You can choose to use your own image that’s stored on the device but the app claims that using black as a background will save more battery. There are many other features that you can do with the mouse in addition to the functions of a normal Bluetooth mouse:

    All the different functions compiled in a single picture.
  • Pointer SpeedYou can choose the speed of how fast the mouse goes. The max is 4.0 which still isn’t that fast.


  • Keyboard


iOS Keyboard (iPhone)
Standard iOS keyboard, nothing special. You can use this alongside the mouse so you don’t have to use each on separately.

PS3 Keyboard

These are the controls for when you use this app with the PS3. It emulates a full controller. This is very useful if you have a PS3 and just want to use your iDevice instead of the standard controller, otherwise, it’s useless. It can be accessed via the PS3 sign on the bottom right.

  • Keyboard LayoutYou can choose from 14 different languages for the keyboard.


  • Multi-PlatformThis app can be run on any Bluetooth capable device that can support a Bluetooth mouse/keyboard. This is extremely useful because Webe++ does not require a server running on the controlled device.


All the features seem to work perfectly. You can use the the app in landscape mode to allow a bigger keyboard space. I would have liked the mouse to go much quicker, but other then that, I think the app fulfills what it promises.

Features: ★★★★★


The main screen after the splash screen.

The GUI is very simple and straight to the point. It gives you access to all the features of the device and even teaches you how to use it properly. The app starts with a splash screen and all you need to do is just click next once it checks you have a valid license. You can tweak the settings by going to that menu.

The Settings menu

You can choose from these options to fit your preference. My choice was to disable all the other features besides the buttons. That’s probably the only feature that you will need.

To view the settings, you need to be in the pairing screen which is a downer. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just allow you to change the settings while you’re using the mouse/keyboard. Also, you can’t view the help button either. You would need to exit out of the mouse/keyboard mode and then view it. They may have done that so you don’t accidentally click it, but the power button is also on the bottom left corner so I maybe wrong. This is just a convenience issue but still, would have helped if they put more options on the mouse/keyboard mode.

GUI: ★★★★


The mouse does lag a bit, so I do not see this being used intensively for long term use. This can be contributed to a few things like the Bluetooth dongle I used was cheap or the Bluetooth on the iPhone wasn’t made to be used this way. It’s one of those apps that you use when you want to watch something on your TV, via HDMI, and don’t want to get up to control the computer. As I said before, I wanted this for presentations via PowerPoint, so this fulfills what I want from it.

Reuse: ★★★★½


Five dollars is a lot of cash for a app. If you can access WiFi, then I suggest you use Logitech’s Mouse from the App Store which is free. However, if you can’t and want to use Bluetooth, you have no choice but to cough up the money.

The functionality is what makes this category score high. The app allows you to connect to your computer in multiple ways and the current apps both in the App Store and in Cydia do not do this. It has no competition which makes this app one of a kind. Also, the app does not require a server to run on the host as long as you use BT which is very convenient and efficient. Every other app I’ve looked at requires a server running on the host and this is extremely inconvenient. You want to be able to just connect and use it and not worry about downloading another piece of software.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

This is a really good alternative to the other apps that also offer the similar service. I suspect that Apple does not allow a lot of access to Bluetooth API, and that’s why App Store developers aren’t able to optimize Bluetooth into their creations. Either way, if you don’t have WiFi and want to use this as a wireless mouse/keyboard and don’t want to buy physical a mouse/keyboard, then this is defiantly the app for you. The app is very unique and deserves recognition. More developers should take recognition and integrate Bluetooth support into their apps, too.

This app is a work of art in it’s uniqueness and simplicity.

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