Thank You For Everything, Steve Jobs

Steven Paul Jobs, this post is dedicated to you. In fact, if it wasn’t for you, this post would not exist in its entirety. The thought of iFans would be inconceivable. It is because of your innovation, entrepreneurship, and dedication that you were able to create a brand as iconic as Apple; moreover, a company that is embraced by such a strong community of followers. Your inventions and dedication to personal computing provided an incredible advancement in technology as we know it today; in fact, I am currently writing this post on a Mac, listening to music purchased from iTunes, setting the alarm clock on my iPod touch so that I’m on time for work tomorrow, and watching a sports highlight video on my iPad wirelessly.

Whenever an Apple keynote was around the corner, I was always giddy with anticipation for I knew that you, Steve, would be leading the event in the awe-inspiring manner in which you always did. Despite having knowledge that your health was in jeopardy, as far back as the early 2000s, it was always “business as usual” for you. Your incredible understanding of the way business operates, and talented marketing pitches, will always be remembered and will serve as genuine examples of how to be a success businessperson. Apple will never be the same without you, but we trust that you left the company that you founded in good hands. Before I end, I just wanted to add “one more thing”: while the entire Apple community mourns your death, it also celebrates the several successes that you experienced in your life. We’ll miss you, Steve.

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