New FREE Push fix for hacktivated iPhones

photoThose iPhone owners with hacktivated iPhones will be well aware that their gorgeous piece of hacked Apple goodness cannot make proper use of the Push notification system that was introduced with the 3.0 OS firmware.

After the Dev-Team released their 3.0 jailbreak several systems evolved for getting around this problem. The first involved using a fake activation certificate, though this was usually shared with other users meaning notifications often weren’t sent to the correct user. The second option was to pay up and subscribe to a third party service that would ‘fix’ the push.

Anyone stuck in this Push quagmire can now breathe a sigh of relief and give more props to the Dev Team whose initial Push fix method paved the way for @anethema and a number of others to build a new hack that properly resolves the issue.  The new fix called Push Doctor is available FREE on Cydia via the NERV repository [].

But before you jump into Cydia and download it make sure you have the full scoop on the fix by reading Anethema’s full guide here. Always read up on the hacks you choose to use. Note that once installed this fix is permanent and apparently cannot be removed even if you uninstall the Push Doctor app from Cydia.

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