Sprint iPhone Will Have Unlimited Data

AllThingsD has been in touch with a spokeswoman from Sprint who confirmed that the iPhone 4S for Sprint will have unlimited data.

Spokeswoman Michelle Leff Mermelstein told AllThingsD “We will be offering the benefit of our unlimited plans that start at just $69.99.” The $69.99 plan will include 450 minutes – with unlimited calling mobile-to-mobile – and unlimited data. If this isn’t enough for you, Sprint offers unlimited calling and data for $99.99 per month.

Since unlimited data is now exclusive to Sprint, they should expect to receive lots of new customers on their network. Anyone who previously had unlimited data on both AT&T and Verizon will still be able to keep it as long as they don’t leave their contract. However, don’t forget that these carriers are also going to throttle your speeds if you download too much.

Lastly, the spokeswoman gave some input on whether Sprint will be able to handle all this projected network traffic: “We have every confidence in the ability of our 3G network to handle the influx of devices we expect to get. It certainly hasn’t been an issue to date.” You can always view the situation in this way: The more traffic they have, the better they can make their network.


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