Apple Begins Accepting iPhone 4 Trade-ins

As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple has begun the iPhone 4 trade-in train. They will offer you up to $200 for your old iPhone – which actually isn’t much, if you look at eBay’s current prices that range from $200-500. But, if you think that trading in your old iPhone with Apple and using the money for a new one is easier than waiting for an auction to end – then great!

The process is quite easy, just go here and give them a few details on the condition and such. After this is done, you’ll get an estimate and the option to accept it or not. If you do, they’ll give you a shipping label to print and all you have to do is box it up and call for a pickup. You’ll get an Apple Gift Card in the mail once they’ve inspected and confirmed your item.

Please note that the program isn’t actually run by Apple, but by a third-party company called PowerON.


Image via Creative Freedom

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