Gull1hack failbr3aker comes clean


The 18 year old German responsible for the Gull1hack failbr3ak has fessed up and come clean.  Gull1hack duped many into believing that there was a new bootrom hack, which provided an untethered jailbreak for the new range of iPod touches and iPhones but it was actually just code that temporarily disabled your mouse and opened up a Google page of ads. The rogue developer of this failbr3ak has said he set it up to see how many ‘gull1ble’ iPod touch and iPhone users would download and install his software without even bothering to find out what it really did.

In reality the gull1hack failbr3ak could have been much more damaging and we wouldn’t be surprised to  see the use of more malicious code in future failbr3aks, which could plant a virus, steal passwords and files or even could just point blank destroy your OS.  So failbr3ak supporters and adopters, take this as a warning.  Don’t rush to grab and try out the latest jailbr3ak before checking and asking here on iPtF, sifting through the Dev-Team twitter feed and blog or other reputable iPhone/iPod touch dedicated website before committing to the risk.

If you want to find out how the fake gull1hack videos were produced then head over to the gull1hack webspace where the developer tells  you exactly how he did it. I have total respect for this guy ending his scam in this way as he’ll hopefully create more awareness of just how easy it is to dupe desperate people and how careful you really need to be to avoid getting scammed. Let’s see if the other failbr3akers follow suit, drop their charade, swallow their badly beaten-up pride and fess up (yes, that means you SpartanBr3ak!). Until they do, we’ll be continuing our crusade against these immoral scumbags.

Source: Download Squad & props to Teslanaut
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