Sparrow for Mac Now Uses CloudApp, Pull to Refresh

The renowned email client Sparrow for Mac has decided to update their app with one important change: CloudApp integration. The app will now use CloudApp for attaching files, instead of the traditional way of uploading them to the email provider’s server. This changes the way we interact with our emails quite a bit, but is it a good thing? Jump past the break to find out.

Well, some people like to have direct access to their attachments in the email client. The only problem with this method is the server usually caps the file size at 25 MB. This means that they need to upload it somewhere else to send it via email. Although CloudApp could be a great solution to that, it’s not because of its own cap of 25 MB. The nice thing is you can buy a bigger allowance when you purchase a premium account – so there is room for customization.

In light of this, there is one nice thing about CloudApp – its simplicity. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and then drop a file in the email window to attach it. The file will be uploaded and a link will automatically be inserted into the email.

The next major change of Sparrow 1.4 is the integration of pull to refresh. Everybody remembers the day when Tweetie used pull to refresh as their trademark, and now everyone uses it. Whatever the case, pull to refresh makes checking for updates or emails simple and fast.

Other changes include the usual bug fixes and UI and performance enhancements. If you deem Sparrow a worthy replacement email client for your Mac, then go get a copy here. And if you do own it, grab the update.

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