Apple Selling the iPod Classic and Shuffle This Holiday Season

While rumors have surfaced about Apple’s plans to discontinue the iPod classic and iPod shuffle, the Cupertino-based company has confirmed that they will be selling both media players until at least the end of this holiday season. Apple issued a press release earlier today regarding the newly updated iPod touch and iPod nano, in which they made mention of both the iPod classic and iPod shuffle as part of this year’s holiday lineup for iPods. So, unlike the fate of Microsoft’s Zune player, the iPod classic and shuffle models aren’t getting the axe just yet.

iPod is the world’s most popular family of music players. Apple’s holiday lineup includes iPod shuffle® for just $49; iPod nano with Multi-Touch starting at just $129; iPod touch available in black or white, including iOS 5 and iCloud, starting at just $199; and iPod classic® in a 160GB model for $249.

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