Post-Event Coverage: Recapping the True and False Rumors

For the past several months, leading up to today, there has been an unimaginable number of rumors circulating about everything related to what we could expect to see unveiled today. Now that the “let’s talk iPhone” event has come and gone—did you miss it?—let’s take a moment to reflect on the rumors to see just how accurate the blogging world was. We’ll begin with the rumors that did in fact prevail, coming true, and we’ll finish with those rumors that didn’t quite reach reality. Due to the considerably high number of rumors, however, it’s likely that we missed one or two. That’s okay.

True — For starters, the new iPhone turned out to be called the iPhone 4S, as accurately referred to in several rumors, and is also available in a 64GB capacity as revealed by Vodafone. The new handset did indeed launch on Sprint, as speculated, and includes the new A5 chip and 8-megapixel camera as expected. The October 14th launch date of the new iPhone was also accurately pinpointed eventually. Other true rumors including Siri Assistant as a new iPhone feature (rumor), white iPod touch with minimal or no hardware improvements (rumor), free iPhone 3GS on contract post iPhone 4S launch (rumor one, two), and an iPhone 4 with 8GB (rumor).

False – To begin with, this event did not take place in September as early rumors suggested. Furthermore, while the iPhone 4S is still the next-generation iPhone, there was still no so-called “iPhone 5″ as expected. There also wasn’t two different iPhones (5 and 4 “plus”) released today. No 3G-capable iPod touch, either. The iPhone 4S has virtually no design changes, so the rumor about an iPhone 5 with curved glass is automatically debunked, as is the whole Case-Mate marketing pitch. The iPhone 4S has the same screen size as its predecessors, so the smaller screen rumor can be discarded. The iPhone 4S didn’t launch on T-Mobile as initially thought; it also didn’t launch on Sprint exclusively, as most recently rumored.

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