Apple Announces iPhone 4S

Apple has updated the iPhone 4 with a dual-core A5 processor capable of 7 times faster graphics and 2 times faster CPU performance. On the outside, the devices looks the same as it’s predecessor, but it packs a much bigger punch. The antenna has been reworked to offer much better performance, capable of keeping up with 4G phones. The device is a “world phone”, so a combo CDMA and GSM chip is built-in.

Battery life is up to 40 hours listening to music. The camera has been upgraded to 8 megapixels (60% more pixels than the iPhone 4), and includes a sensor capable of gathering 73% more light. The first picture takes 1.1 seconds to capture, and the next shot just 0.5 seconds. The iPhone 4S camera can shoot video in 1080p with real time stabilization and temporal noise reduction.

The new Siri Assistant allows users to speak in natural language to their device to book meetings, place calls, send emails, and more. More on this flagship feature here. Pricing will remain the same as the iPhone 4. Preorders start this Friday the 7th and the device will ship on the 14th. Available on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

[Photos via The Verge]

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