iOS 5 Recap and New Features

Apple has given us a refresher on iOS 5, which was announced earlier this year. Some of the more important features include “deep” Twitter integration, allowing users to share links, pictures, and more with friends directly from within iOS. Apple has updated with the ability to access the camera from the lock screen, add grid lines, pinch to zoom, and set auto focus. Mobile Safari has gained the ability to do tabbed browsing, so you can switch pages in just one tap.

iCloud will sync documents, apps, pictures, music, and more. For free. Find My Friends, like Google Latitude for iOS. Allows users to locate others using the built-in GPS. Express sharing options are available for enhanced privacy. iTunes Match allows cloud syncing of your local music to all your devices. All music is matched to Apple’s servers, so you’ll get the best possible bitrate. Music not available on iTunes will be uploaded. Should save a lot of time compared to Google Music or Amazon. $24.99/year.

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