‘Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front’ is Now Available

Yes, that’s right, the sequel to the first great shooter on the iPhone, Brothers in Arms, is out where the sun rises early.

Gameloft promised it’ll be out today in a recent trailer, so if you’ve been keeping with the buzz, this should be no surprise.

It takes a different perspective than the first title in the series.  Rather than a third-person, over-the-shoulder view, Gameloft have decided to go along with the first-person shooter.

Therefore, you can expect this to be extremely similar to Moder Combat: Sandstorm which has been highly respected for it’s online play update.

Luckily to increase the iDevices’ gaming abilities, they’ve increased the number of players able to battle it out against eachother online to 6.

It all sounds very interesting, and well-worth the couple of bucks.

Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front (Only available in some countries)

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