Adobe Releases Flash Player 11 and AIR 3

Adobe has released a major update to the Flash platform, bringing support for true 3D, Dolby digital audio (7.1 surround sound for Flash games!), 64-bit, and much more. Previous versions of Flash supported “fake” 3D, which only allowed designers to add perspective to 2D objects, but the upcoming release will far more powerful. Apple still hasn’t changed their mind regarding Flash on iOS (or the desktop, for that matter), but the update should help resolve issues many users were having with MacBooks nearly melting like Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 due to Flash.

Will 3D be supported in mobile versions of Flash Player too? When?

Yes, we expect the Stage3D APIs to be available on mobile platforms, such as Android and Linux Mobile. We expect to work with partners through the Open Screen Project to enable 3D in Flash Player and AIR on devices.

Chrome users will not need to take any action to update since Google rolls Flash into the browser, but everyone else will need to keep an eye out for the peasky Adobe updater—and don’t just ignore it this time!


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