Growl 1.3 has Arrived on the Mac App Store

Almost anyone who uses a Mac has tried Growl – the slickest, most customizable notification system that there is. If you don’t know, Growl is pretty much the missing feature in Mac OS X. It’s those notifications in the top right hand side of your screen that Apple never integrated into the system. Up until today’s release, Growl has been free to all on their site - which has also been redesigned, and it’s beautiful. Growl has evolved into what it is today: A $1.99 app that has been completely redesigned and rewritten.

I myself highly recommend Growl to the average user because of its great ability to keep you well-informed with the apps that you have opened. This includes chat clients such as Adium or iChat, now playing apps like Bowtie, and so much more. The possibilities with this app are limitless and definitely worth the $1.99.

Growl 1.3 is available in the Mac App Store for your notification needs today, so go grab it!

[Growl via MacStories]

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