Leather luxury: Ted Baker case reviewed

This is a review of the Ted Baker Leather Case for the iPod Touch 2nd Generation. This case is created by designer Ted Baker, and distributed by Proporta. It’s a flip-back case which locks into place for ultimate protection. Read on to see how the Ted Baker Leather Case stands up to the challenge of protecting your iPod.

Ted Baker Leather Case

Price: £29.95 (approx. $42.00)
Material: Leather
Colors: Black and Teal (left); Black and Cranberry (right)
Compatible with: iPod Touch 2G
Distributed by: Proporta
Availability: Available in Europe and online

This is a review on the Ted Baker Leather Case for the iPod Touch 2nd Generation. This case is created by Ted Baker, and distributed by Proporta. It’s a flip-back case which locks into place for ultimate protection. This case gives your iPod the upper hand in the fashion stakes.

After about a month of using this case, I can tell you that it’s very durable. It tightly encloses your iPod comfortably in it’s pouch, then a front flap folds over the screen and locks into place. Dropping it is no matter, as the cushioned leather absorbs the shock when it hits the ground. I’ve dropped it on tile, hardwood floors, and even concrete (clumsy me), and I’ve not found one ding, scratch, or mark on my iPod. The case itself gets a little beat up, though. It gets scratched, and torn up a little at times, but they are very minor imperfections. Almost unnoticeable. Another thing about the case is that the plastic on edges of the case start to peel, revealing a rather unattractive colored leather base.

This is a very attractive case. This self proclaimed “fashion statement”, has a beautiful look to it. The front and back of the case is etched with designs of headphones with cords connecting to one another. Here’s a closer look:

The leather is very soft too, and it almost feels like there’s a layer of foam beneath it (which I wouldn’t doubt). The Teal and the Cranberry interior’s look really good with the black, which only compliments the case’s look. There is also a metal “Ted Baker” emblem embedded in the leather on the front, to tell people, “Hey, I sprung for the fancy designer case!”

This case is extremely comfortable. It’s soft, sleek leather, it slides in and out of your pocket easily, and it just feels great in your hand. It’s a little (and I stress ‘little’) bulky when it’s in your pocket, but I digress. All ports and buttons are fully open, so you don’t have to take the case off to charge it or listen to music. The edges of the case overlap the screen a little when open, which makes it kind of hard to type. It also feels like the slot you insert your iPod into is a little too long, which makes the bottom of the screen, and the home button slide under the leather a bit. Other than these minor issues, I’ve had no problems with how it feels.

(Here you can see how the home button and part of the screen seems to slide under the leather.)


  • Front flap locks into place with two buttons
  • Three thin pockets under the front flap, for storing things like money, credit cards, etc.
  • iPod can be used whilst in the case
  • All ports are easily accessible
  • Appealing headphone designs pressed into the leather

The two locking buttons can sometimes be a pain to pull apart. They get stuck often, which makes it hard to access the iPod in the time you’d wish. I know, another minor problem, but after many times of it happening, it gets irritating. Another thing is that the pockets are thin. There aren’t many things you can fit in there, besides the contents of your wallet. I wish they were a little bigger, so I could maybe fit my headphones in there, but other than that, I would probably never use them. They’re not something you’d use on a daily basis, and I wouldn’t even consider putting my money in there, because I know it’d fall out.

(Here you can see the pouches. That is as far as they will open. Not big enough to hold headphones; not small enough to hold money.)

Extra Goodies:
The package comes with two screen protectors hidden inside the case, which was a pleasant surprise for me.

I’ve never enjoyed a case this much. I don’t own many, but I’ve tested a lot, having over ten friends with iPod Touch’s, and I’d have to say this one takes the cake. It protects, it looks good, it feels good, and it’s easy to get used to. Good job, Ted Baker.

Durability: 8/10 – If you’re looking for a case that protects, look no further, but if you are looking for one that doesn’t get marked up, peels, and gets slightly scratched, you could probably do better.

Appeal: 9.5/10 – This is one hot case. I’ve never gotten more compliments about my iPod until I started using this.

Comfort: 8.5/10 – This case feels great in your hand and in your pocket. Though a little bulky, it’s not hard to get used to.

Features: 7.5/10 – The pockets, and buttons could be improved quality wise, but other then that, I have no complaints.

+ .2 on to the final score for the extra screen protectors.

OVERALL: 8.6/10

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Thanks to Alex for providing the case.

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