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“Oh my gosh! Your iPhone looks so cool! What theme is that?!” Almost everyone who’s ever applied a theme to their device has heard this before. A theme is a very personal thing; you use your phone so often and want it to look nice. For some, Apple’s stock design is very cluttered and ugly. When applying your own wallpaper just isn’t enough, we all look towards themes. Suave HD was first created by a user by the name of Thyraz; Pat97.4 helped port the theme over for iDevices with Retina Displays.  Read on for the full review:


Suave HD is a free theme and is supported by donations and the work of others. The theme is a port, so it’s almost like an add-on of the original Suave theme.

The thread is very active and the theme porter, pat 97.4, is actively making new icons for the theme. There is a lot of support around this theme, people have made UI’s and even Facebook skins for the theme.

The amount of app icons that are included with this theme is nothing to gawk at. While the 138 included icons is not a low number, many of your applications still aren’t themed due to the mass amount of applications in the App Store. However, the community for this theme is immense. Pat 97.4 as well as countless other members have created over 1500 icons for the theme. As far as I know, this cannot be installed via cydia and it can only be done via ssh/ifile; the file is 40 megabytes in size.

When I installed all of the icons, and resprang my device I wasn’t able to see any change in an app that I knew was added. As it turns out, the app was named incorrectly. I corrected the name and the app showed up as a huge icon, this happened with many other apps as well. I Googled a fix and it turns out I had to create a new directory for each app, I wasn’t going to do that 1500 times. Long story short, some of the app names are incorrect and they will be outdated once an app updates and changes its name.

On top of the 1500 icons, Suave HD also includes an app overlay if you choose to install it (via the macthemes link). This is the theme’s “killer feature” since the overlay really does fit in with the other icons. The reason it fits so well is because the overlay resizes and reshapes the icons. It’s nice to see an icon overlay with any theme, so no icon will look out of place.

Another thing to note is that since the theme has multiple choices for a certain icon. For example: There are about 4 different choices for the mail app, each with different colors in them. The theme also comes separated into parts as well: I.E. Lockscreen, UI, etc.

Features: ★★★★½


Having a theme installed on your phone is a very personal thing. You may like a certain theme while hating others. All in all, you’ll find out if you like the theme or not by looking at the screenshots.

Personally, I really like the theme. I love minimalistic themes, so do a lot of other people. The included wallpaper is matte black with a wrinkled paper texture applied with a white light shining from the middle. Although there’s another wallpaper choice which has the same color scheme. This wallpaper has a different, circular, texture. The icons are very smooth and simple, this look was achieved was through color gradients. It seems that every app goes from light on top to dark on bottom. The light to dark gradient and pastel color choices give the theme a warm, simple look. The apps also have a very small border around them. This allows the overlay for the icons that aren’t in the theme to look like they fit in with the theme.

A page with both themed icons and unthemed icons. Can you spot the difference?
There is also an optional UI which I really like. All the Photoshop Files are included with the theme, so the UI color can be changed. By default, the UI is a matte purple. The arrows are a dark electric blue, and the buttons look amazing.

Safari with a button pressed down. Here you can see the button, and the top purple UI.

Once again, I really like the simplistic matte design of the theme. People have different preferences. The theme’s free, so it wouldn’t hurt to install the theme and see if it suits you. Nothing is perfect though; the fact that the theme comes with a purlple UI, which many people may not like, leaves something to be desired. This is not Pat9.7′s fault, as he did not create the UI; the UI can be changed to your liking though.

Design: ★★★★½


The set-up of the theme is, in one word, atrocious. If you install it via Cydia the theme only installs about 100 icons, and there is no UI. This is why I installed it via Macthemes. Since the theme comes in so many parts created by so many different users, there’s not one big download of everything. There are downloads for the UI, 6 different icon packs (which you install individually), add-ons, lock screens, and more. It’s great that there’s so much choice, but it’s just poorly organized. I’d rather prefer one link with all the app icons, and all the UI in one folder; it’s just much easier to install that way.

When I downloaded all the icons, it seemed that they were all appended with –pat9.7. I didn’t think this would be a problem, and it may not be, but all my downloaded icons were not working. I installed them correctly and in the right folder. I went to rename an app that was not displaying correctly, I removed the –pat9.7 and resprigned. It worked but… The app appeared to be two times larger than every other app and it intruded on the other apps as well. This is a known problem with the latest iOS and the only way to fix this is to add a folder specifically for the app in the bundles folder. There’s no way I’m doing this for 2,000+ apps.

It’s sad that I couldn’t get the icons to work, but the overlay works just fine for now. Many themes take up a lot of RAM and make your device feel less snappy. I haven’t experienced this with SuaveHD. You shouldn’t experience any performance loss.

Performance: ★★★★


There’s no question as to whether this theme is worth it or not. Sure, the install is a bit painful, but I’d do it again because the theme looks great. The community behind this theme truly is amazing. The theme was a port by a community member, and several other members of Macthemes are constantly updating the theme. I’ve basically seen a post a day on that thread for more than a year. What’s even more amazing though, is that more icons are added to this theme every day. You can either save the icons that Pat9.7 has posted on the thread, or you can wait until he puts the latest ones in an icon pack. Sadly, this is not done through Cydia.

The fact that most of the icons don’t work really worries me though. Although the theme has so many icons, I just wasn’t able to get them to work.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

Themes are definitely a personal taste. It seems like the minimalistic design is popular among themers, so I’m sure most people will like this theme. The immense amount of community work behind this app definitely is a good reason to give the app a whirl. I’m very happy that this app included overlays, I can’t stand when I get a shiny new theme and have misplaced apps. If I had to sum the whole theme up in one word, it would be: beautiful. The install was pretty horrible, but if you choose to install via Cydia you’ll be fine. The theme truly does look beautiful though. This is one of my favorite themes; partly because of the matte simplistic look, and partly because of the dimmed down, pastel colors.

Final Score

Suave HD Macthemes link

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