Foxconn Plant in Brazil Manufacturing a Low-End iPhone 4

Gizmodo Brazil today received pictures of a low-end iPhone 4 model that is being produced in a Brazilian plant operated by one of Apple’s manufacturing partners, Foxconn. The phone itself does not have any glaring differences when compared to the current iPhone 4, but the prototype’s model number, “N90A,” is rumored to be associated with a low-end, low cost iPhone 4 with less storage (8 GB) and possibly reduced hardware specifications.

It was rumored that Apple would launch this cheaper iPhone in a few weeks, but Gizmodo claims that these phones won’t be launched because they “didn’t meet Apple’s manufacturing standards”—yet anyways. This doesn’t mean that Apple won’t be releasing a more affordable iPhone on Oct 4th in Cupertino, but it just won’t likely be this model in particular. I can’t wait to see the first iPhone that says, “assembled in Brazil.”


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